Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi Everyone! Supervising is new to me, and so far I find it enjoyable. I supervise two students who are great, very prompt and efficient. The hardest part is making sure there are projects to keep them busy, especially on the really slow days. I am sure things will not always be so great, and I hope that I can remember what I learned in the management class in library school to make sure any issues are handled appropriately. We love to show them how much we appreciate their hard work in the library by giving them candy on holidays and birthdays and featuring a “Student of the Week” on the student library blog.

I am just curious how many of us supervise student workers, pages, and clerks in our libraries? Do you have any stories about supervising workers? What are some things that you do to recognize and show appreciation for your workers?


  1. I find I struggle supervising students, partly because I am not sure of my role. We have a dedicated student supervisor, but she doesn't really seem to do her job, so it has fallen on the librarians to pick up the slack.
    Ruth - I am so glad that it is going well for you, and congratulations on the new job!

  2. Ruth, that is awesome you get to supervise student workers. I bet it is a great experience and I am sure they all look up to you! Whenever I meet a student worker that I don't know very well I make sure to have them tell me what they like about their job.. that way when I see them around the library I can ask them how it's going!