Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extra Credit

At my community college library, I have recently received an interesting, recurring reference question, which goes as follows: (student hands me a piece of paper - their homework) "Who is this person?" they ask.
The students are in an English class and the professor includes a "name this author" extra credit photo on each week's homework. Thankfully I have figured them out quickly so far, but I am accepting suggestions for how to help them when I don't recognize the author by sight!
This has inspired me to create a new Klub Katalog feature - Name That Librarian! And with no further ado, please accept my first submission:

So... go librarians, go! First to reveal his identity gets an as-yet-to-be-named prize. Or something.


  1. Cannot for the life of me remember why I know this, but I recognized the guy: Arna Wendell Bontemps

  2. Go Bradley! That is amazing.

    Also, Haley, how on earth have you been figuring out the answers? All I can think of is trying to paste an image into a Google search, and I kind of doubt that works.

  3. I wish I'd known this Arna guy. He's a cutie!

    Also, should we add Bradley as a Klub Kat Kontributer? Maybe she could post a summary of how all the hoopla in Wisconsin impacts librarians?

  4. So far they were Mark Twain, which I knew right away obviously, and Eudora Welty, which I didn't think I recognized but she was my first guess so I guess I knew it somewhere in my brain. I really don't know what I'll do when I don't recognize them... So far they are American authors, so if I get one I don't know I could try to find a list of authors and then look up pictures of the ones of the appropriate sex that I don't have a mental image of?

    Anyone else have thoughts?

  5. Also it just occurred to me that I could use the Google Goggles App on my phone to search... I'll try it and see if it works!

  6. I love this! Had NO idea who that was though.