Monday, May 9, 2011

Drama at the Vendor

Sometimes, I feel a little jealous of all the blogging librarians in these parts who have library things to blog about. Today though, I have some drama to share!

A few hours ago my supervisor came around, urgently informing us all to log off our phones and go downstairs. I thought it was another corporate announcement (oh please don't be laying us off!) but grabbed my purse just in case.

If only I had grabbed my lunch too. Turns out, there was a suspicious envelope! With a suspicious substance! As the customer service department sat in the cafeteria and speculated, the cops showed up, and then the fire department, and as we were informed, the postal inspector and the FBI too. Mostly, we just sat there and waited (and ate things from the vending machines, my poor diet) until we were eventually allowed back upstairs. It would have been a better break if I hadn't carpooled to work with the guy friend, because he had the car - I was stuck! They weren't even letting people down the road by case it was terribly toxic, I guess? It it were so toxic that the hotdog truck couldn't drive past us (there is a hotdog warehouse by us!) we were all toast.

Luckily, and unsurprisingly, it turned out to not be anthrax or anything more dangerous than a non-toxic cleaning substance. It was accompanied by a "threatening note." I'm surprised (but not really) that someone would want to send fake-anthrax and a threat to a library supply vendor. I think the worst thing we could have done to someone is backorder their archival boxes. So we are all safe and sound, if a little full of vending machine food and behind on our work.

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