Friday, January 28, 2011


Remember all those projects you worked on in library school? PowerPoint presentations and projects with their tables, bullet points and random images can still be used.

As the Reference Librarian at my public library I am in charge of teaching computer classes. As I polished up my presentation (I get to play with Smart Board software, clunky building material but so much fun in class) for Word Basics I wanted to really have a good practice session at the end of class. As much as you can have class open a document and start fiddlin' around, you spend time waiting for them to create enough material to rearrange and play with Word. On the other hand, I have files sitting around from grad school with bullets and numbering, tables and clip art. So I went through and found one assignment that was short (5 pages) but with a variety of things for them to delete, reformat and basically mangle.

Unfortunately I can't report on whether or not this worked well, snow came and there was no Word Basic class......

I am totally ready for PowerPoint Basics though and I hope they have fun with my ppt on Snowflake Classification.

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