Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book Talk: One Day

One Day by David Nicholls follows the intersecting lives of two characters, Emma and Dexter, from college graduation night into adulthood. Their friendship goes through periods of strength and weakness with the triumphs and trials that occur in their separate lives. I liked how I could relate to their relationship (witty banter, sexual tension, and comfort in knowing each other’s past). The author is involved in television and fiction that can easily be adapted to film (think Nick Hornby) and I totally read his words in my head with a British accent.

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  1. Niiiice. I think you hit on another good idea for these -- comparing the author to a more familiar one... which would mean that if a patron were, like, "hey, I like Nick Hornby, what else should I try?" one of us will think of David Nicholls. A+++!