Friday, November 5, 2010

someone call Zuckerberg

Does anyone have any great ideas for a Facebook contest? My library's FB page just reached 800 fans or "like"-ers or whatever they're called, and in my overwhelming joy and sheer exhileration, I rashly promised that when we get near 1,000, we'll have a contest that includes prizes.

We've been talking about a FB contest at work for a while, but the ideas never get beyond vague things about library trivia and favorite books and virtual scavenger hunts mumble mumble. Even though I really do believe FB is a good (the best?) communication tool with a few of our audiences, especially undergrads, I am kind of sick of it personally and not coming up with much. Ideas?


  1. Congrats on all of your Facebook fans/likes! I saw your update about a contest which I think is a great idea! I've been tossing some ideas around in my head for awhile to make our Facebook page more interactive. Right now it seems very one-sided. However, people "tweet" at us or mention the library (or it's nickname) so it seems like people WANT to interact with us but have chosen Twitter as the venue.

    Anyway, I think a virtual or real scavenger hunt would be really cool. What if you based it off The Amazing Race (love that show) since your campus has a number of libraries? Not sure how many people are willing to run around outside, but that might make it more HARDCORE!

    Ok, and this is my idea for a Facebook contest that is super silly. A lot of students refer to the library as a "Club" and I want to GIVE 'EM DA CLUB during finals week. I was thinking about playing one song at either 12:30am or 8:00am to be sort of like a "wake up call" or "party break" per say for students. Anyone who posts the name of the song on our Facebook wall(thus proving that they are hardcore for being at the library at 12:30am/8:00am) will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to the bookstore. Aye? I've only run this by another student (who was totally into it) so I don't want to do it for this semester... maybe for spring.

    So for prizes, I think a gift card or credit at the University bookstore (or Amazon) is a good prize because textbooks are so frickin' expensive. That is what my library has used in the past anyway.

  2. Katy, I would be on that contest like white on rice. I love the idea of playing music, etc. You are a GREAT librarian!