Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From Kittens to Kats

Thanks to Katy for that most excellent previous post.

For those of you who are new to Klub Katalog, you may be wondering "What does that name mean?" Or "I hope these librarians are single because I'd like to check all of them OUT!"

In response to the thousands of emails I've been receiving about the blog, I thought I'd take some time to answer some FAQs:

Why do you insist on calling yourselves Klub Kat?
It's a funny story that pretty much sums up our Library School experience. We were all in an introductory library class whose main purpose was to waste our time and introduce us to the various types of librarianship. A school media specialist spoke to us one evening and described how the school library meets the needs of students by providing space for clubs and meetings - much like its older sister the public library. This particular librarian had an eager student who wanted to create a club for cat lovers; they would meet once a week and talk about cats, look at books and magazines and pretty much indulge in their cat fancy. The librarian asked the girl what she named the club, to which the girl looked at her and replied, "Club Cat." (Duh.)

From this story, which blew all of our minds and warmed all of our hearts, Klub Kat was born. After that we had a unique way to convey our message of goodwill, librarianship and good times in general. We had a trivia team and actual handmade cat ears to lend our group an air of sophistication.

So Klub Katalog is just a klever way to kontinue Klub Kat, while kombining it with an element of librarianship, the kard katalog?

Wow, you guys are really smart. I bet all of you are hot, taken and employed!
Yes, we are all hot. The great part about Klub Kat is that while we are diverse in background, age, specialization, heritage, ethnicity and beliefs, we are all, in fact, smoking hot.

In regards to relationship status, some are married, some are seriously dating and others are in committed relationships with their pets, DVRs and/or Jake Gyllenhaal. Interested parties should submit a headshot and resume to KlubKat2010@gmail.com

You will find throughout the posts on this blog that we are in various stages of employment in varying areas of information and libraries. For those of us who are not employed, tales from the job search are still extremely valuable in this shifting economy and information landscape.

So this Klub Kat in kollege, was it only girls?
It was grad school, not college.

No, we have many members spanning many states. There were a few select gentlemen, whom you can learn more about here and here.

But we're all in the information business and it's extremely satisfying to have such a strong network to bounce ideas and questions off of.

Do you have any ideas for theme parties?
That's a great question and I'm glad you asked. Klub Kat is happy to help you plan your special event. Previous fetes include:
  • Klub Kat Halloween 2008
  • Klub Kat Halloween 2009 (Daria & Friends)
  • Konnichiwa, Kelly (Disney themed)
  • My Sweet Sixteen (Pink & Hello Kitty themed)
  • Dinner Klub
  • Twilight Trivia

I'm thinking of getting a cat. How many is too many?
Another great question. I feel strongly that two is enough. I'm also partial to chinchillas and ferrets. Be sure to have plenty of space and plenty of CLEANING SUPPLIES like Swiffers, vacuums and air fresheners.

And don't forget to find your pet at your local shelter!


  1. Additional emphasis on my favorite part of the original Club Cat story: The school librarian thought no one would show up to the poor little girl's club, and then there was this massive Twilight-on-opening-night-level turnout of kids who just loved cats and couldn't wait to join.

    This feels relevant to my personal experience in grad school, where I thought I would feel old and isolated and geographically very far away from everyone, and instead I found a bunch of my new favorite people. Who are also very hot.

  2. I hope more questions come in so Yogurt Moon can continue to expertly answer them! Loved this post.

  3. I feel the need to add that other Klub Kat members do not approve of ferret ownership. Chinchillas are always good though.