Thursday, October 14, 2010

Library swag is the BEST.

How fortuitous! The geniuses over at Unshelved have unveiled this amazing new t-shirt that totally coincides with the launch of Klub Katalog!

Chrismukkah gifts!


  1. YES!

    Has anyone else noticed the reusing of card catalogs as office separators (instead of cubicle walls?) They did that at the college library I worked at in grad school and they have card catalog "walls" here in the back offices. Way to reuse relics of the past, libraries!

  2. I've always wanted a card catalog as a personal piece of furniture, but if they look old and pretty they actually sell for quite a bit. I'm surprised your library even had them around still!

    FYI: The vendor I work at still SELLS catalog cards, so people do still use them.

  3. I also want an old card catalog! I look for them on eBay once every few months, and I'm always tempted, but the shipping is terrifying...

  4. Gwen I do the same thing! I even bid on one once, but it ended up out of my price range... Someday!