Monday, October 25, 2010

Soundtrack to Instruction

Have any of you ever tried playing music before or during instruction sessions? Today was the second time I tried it out and students and the professor seem to like it. I suggest putting on Pandora before class starts as the students are coming in, muting it during the instruction session, and then unmuting for the hands-on work time. My favorite channel on Pandora for this is Vampire Weekend but I've also been known to switch it up a bit and put on the Passion Pit or MGMT channels. These channels give a wide variety of music that is upbeat/fun (I wouldn't recommend like the Bright Eyes channel!)

Pandora provides a good variety of background noise while students work. This morning the students knew the bands (Beatles, Miike Snow, Feist) and seemed to enjoy the laid-back environment this type of music creates. If you think about it, putting on music sort of recreates students' relaxed study environment (dorm room, apartment) and takes away the traditional classroom feel. It just takes the edge off of everything and students seem to relax a bit while still staying on task. I recommend trying it out one day! I find the morning classes (8am, 9am) really appreciate it.

I also want people to think I'm cool. And it's totally working. The professor today called me a young, hip librarian. I can go home now because I've achieved my ultimate goal!


  1. Excellent idea! I'm going to take your suggestion. Also, I already know you're a young, hip librarian, so I'm glad it has been confirmed.

  2. Katy, I just started listening to Today's Hits station today and it's changing my life.

  3. You are the hippest librarian I know. This is such an awesome simple idea that I never would have thought of on my own. (Not that I run instruction sessions, but I might suggest this to people who do...)